Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Test

Lab Phone Number: 844-681-9449 

Purpose of the test:

The test is used for detecting small intestine bacterial overgrowth, also known as SIBO, or Small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome (SBBOS) and is a disorder of excessive bacterial growth in the small intestine. Unlike the colon (or large bowel), which is rich with bacteria, the small bowel usually has fewer than 104 organisms per milliliter. People with bacterial overgrowth typically develop symptoms including nausea, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, gas, abdominal cramps, malnutrition, weight loss and malabsorption.

Why Your Breath is Tested

Hydrogen and methane gas in the body is produced from intestinal bacteria. Bacteria, normally in the large intestine, produce hydrogen through fermentation of carbohydrates – such as lactose, glucose, lactulose, sucrose, and fructose which are substrates given for the hydrogen breath test. Some of the hydrogen produced by bacteria is absorbed by intestinal mucosa whereby it enters the vasculature and is transported to the lungs. Hydrogen is then exhaled by the lungs through normal breathing.

Abnormal growth of bacteria within the small bowel is tested by having the client ingest lactulose and then measuring hydrogen and methane. In small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), the small intestinal bacteria metabolize the lactulose or glucose given and produce an early rise in the breath hydrogen.

A breath sample will be collected by having you exhale through the collection device to establish a baseline hydrogen/methane level in your breath. Your breath specimens are collected via a patented collection device to ensure accuracy for analysis which takes up to three hours, every 20-30 minutes, in the comfort of your home. During the test, you should not eat, chew candy, smoke, sleep, or exercise.

Aerodiagnostics is the laboratory that will assist you with your test preparation, breath collection, the return shipping of your breath specimens, and any questions you might have along the way! You will notice another name “Quintron” on your breath collection kit and on some of the paperwork. Quintron is the manufacturer of the breath collection kits and the machinery used in the Aerodiagnostics Laboratory to analyze your breath specimens.

Direct Lab Price: $209.74 (Please put your credit card number or check on the requisition.  If the price is not on the requisition – please fill in this price). The price is subject to change if re-testing in the future. Depending on your insurance company, this may be covered as an Out-of-Network cost. To determine whether a claim may be covered please contact your insurance provider. The lab will not submit the claim to your insurance company. If you are concerned that a claim may not be covered, you can choose to prepay for your testing and we will provide you with a statement that you may then submit to your insurance provider for coverage determination and if approved, payment will do directly to you.

Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions and instructions regarding this lab test.

What are the collection requirements?

The Process is simple!

Step 1 – Your Clinician orders an Aerodiagnostics Breath Collection Kit.

Step 2 – Aerodiagnostics ships your breath collection kit directly to your home via FedEx 2-day Express service.

Step 3 – Aerodiagnostics tracks your kit shipment and calls or emails you within 48 business hours of your kit delivery to offer assistance and to answer any questions you might have.

Step 4 – Aerodiagnostics makes available a convenient breath collection video on our website under the “patients” tab: ( that will allow you to view the collection procedure.

Step 5 – You will return your breath specimens using the same box they arrived in by placing the prepaid FedEx label (included inside each kit) on the outside of the box. You can drop your kit off at any FedEx location, FedEx Drop Box, or by calling 1-800-GO-FedEx to schedule a pick up at your home or office.

Step 6 – Aerodiagnostics will analyze your breath specimens within 24 business hours of receipt of your specimens in the laboratory and report the results to your clinician.

Step 7 – Billing information for Aerodiagnostics services can be found on the Aerodiagnostics form located inside each kit and on the Aerodiagnostics Website ( We can also assist you with any questions by calling 1-844-681-9449.

Fill out the Test Request Form completely. Be sure to write the date of sample collection in the Patient section of the form. Payment type must be completed with payment included to process sample. Place Test Request Form into the box with the sample and ship to the laboratory. See shipping instructions below.

How do I ship the sample?

Specimens may be shipped Monday through Thursday. 

Before shipping, be sure that all the samples and the Test Request Form are labeled and completely filled out including payment. 

All test tubes should be placed into the bubble bags (provided) and placed inside the test kit box after completing all required breath specimens. The box should be mailed back to the laboratory with the prepaid postage (included) within two days of completion of the test.

Locate the FedEx Clinical Pak mailer. Fill in your name and address on the shipping label attached to the outside of mailer. Place the kit box into FedEx Clinical Pak. Remove strip to reveal sticky film and press both sides of mailer together to seal the pouch.

Call FedEx to schedule a pick-up. Dial 1-800-238-5355. When the automated greeting begins say “Rep”. When asked if you are shipping a package say “Yes”. A live person will then answer to help schedule your pickup. Let them know you are shipping using a Billable Stamp or take to a FedEx shipping center.

Am I responsible for the postage?
Patients don’t have to pay for postage, test kits include a pre-paid envelope if mailed in the U.S.

However, international customers must pay for shipping unless prior contract exists.

Can I drop off test kit at local FedEx office?
Yes, please follow the packing and shipping instructions provided with the test kit.


• For fourteen (14) days before your test (or as directed by your clinician), do not take any antibiotics.

• For seven (7) days before your test, do not take any laxatives or stool softeners (for example Colace, Milk of Magnesia, Ex-Lax) or stool bulking agents (for example Metamucil or Citrucel). You should also not undergo any test that requires cleansing of the bowel, such as colonoscopy or barium enema.

• The day before your test: You may consume only the following foods and drinks:

Plain white bread, plain white rice, plain white potatoes, baked or broiled chicken or fish, water, non-flavored black coffee or tea. Only salt may be used to flavor your food. Butter or margarine is not permitted. Soda drinks are not permitted. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING ELSE – it could give false results for the test. Specifically, avoid beans, pasta, fiber cereals, and high fiber foods. The night before the test, have an early dinner of rice and meat.

• You must stop eating and drinking 12 hours before the test. For example, if your test is at 9:00 a.m., you would stop eating and drinking at 9:00 pm the night before. You may continue to take your usual prescription medicines with water until 12 hours before the test. Take no medications the morning of your test unless directed by your clinician.

• The day of your test: You should not eat or drink anything in the morning. If you are diabetic requiring insulin or diabetic pills, ask your physician if you should change your morning dose. Generally, half of your normal long acting insulin is given. Oral hypoglycemic medications are usually not taken that morning until completion of the test and resumption of eating meals.

Always check with your physician prior to altering any of your medications, or your diet.

I accidentally threw out test kit box. Can I use different box?
Yes, use any clean small box.
I sealed bag but forgot to put the paperwork in kit. Can I reopen?
Yes, just tape to reclose.
Can I ship my specimen on Friday?

No, ship specimens to the lab only Monday – Thurday. The box should be mailed back to the laboratory with the prepaid postage (included) within two days of completion of the test.

My test kit did not have a Test Requisition Form.

Unless you already received the test requisition in your private portal, you should email or call our office (at or 720-580-2078) for a Test Requisition Form.