When Hair Loss Happens, a Functional Nutritionist is Your Best Friend (Not a Dermatologist)

I’ve seen patients make this mistake hundreds of times. When hair loss strikes, they run to the dermatologist hoping they will help them regrow their hair with special serums, injections, or other regenerative procedures. 

I do NOT advise this.  

The problem with conventional dermatology is that it ignores the root cause of why your hair is falling out in the first place. 100% of the time, it is intricately linked to how healthy your inner terrain is (along with your psycho-emotional state). 

You can’t solve a systemic issue with a topical treatment. It’s like trying to “positively think” your way out of severe emotional trauma. You must dig beneath the surface to understand why your body is ringing a loud alarm bell: hair loss.

In my private practice as a Functional Nutritionist, we take a whole-body, holistic approach as to why your hair is thinning. There are a myriad of factors that play into what is really going on beneath your hair follicles.

First, we dig deeper with functional lab testing to pinpoint what bodily system(s) are causing the dysfunctions. Next, we implement our 5R Phased Approach Program. It’s a proven process to determine the imbalances that need to be addressed in a specific order. Lastly, we create a personalized proprietary protocol just for you, to regain vibrant health and hair!

No One Hair Loss Solution Works for All

If you’re dealing with hair loss, please don’t waste your precious time and money at the dermatologist. I know firsthand; the expensive serums or painful procedures don’t work. I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Dermatology is great for skin conditions, but not the best for hair loss.

Contact a Functional Nutritionist instead. It’s your best bet to explore root cause resolutions that work.

Stopping Hair Loss - Healthy HairFix eGuide

Our approach carefully examines your health history including lab work, your environment, and your symptoms in detail. We will guide you to take actionable steps to support and rebalance your metabolic, immune, and hormonal systems to regrow healthy hair once again!

We take hair loss very seriously. Different hair problems have different root causes and require different steps to conquer them.

To get started, download our Stopping Hair Loss eGuide at no cost to you!

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