Diagnostic Solutions

GI-MAP DNA Stool Test

Lab phone number: 877-485-5336

Purpose of Test

The GI-MAP was designed to detect microbes that may be disturbing normal microbial balance as well as indicators of digestion, absorption, inflammation, and immune function.

The GI-MAP stool test utilizes the cutting-edge quantitative PCR (polymerase chain reactions) technology to measure the DNA via PCR in your stool. FDA approved, this technology is used at major hospitals, which is more accurate than a microscopic analyzed test. If you had a microscopic stool test that came back negative, it’s definitely worth your while to run this PCR/DNA test.

The GI-MAP stool test looks for overgrowths of bacteria, yeast, parasites, worms, fungi and viruses.  The panel includes opportunistic organisms, gut flora, parasites, and fungi along with immunologic markers for GI health and function including SIgA, pancreatic elastase, calprotectin, zonulin, anti-gliadin antibodies, and short chain fatty acids. DNA/PCR techniques also allow for the measurement of antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factors that contribute to pathogenicity. These organisms can be at the root cause for many chronic conditions.

Direct Lab Price: $359 (Please put your credit card number or check on the requisition.  If the price is not on the requisition – please fill in this price). The price is subject to change if re-testing in the future. Depending on your insurance company, this may be covered as an Out-of-Network cost and the deposit would be $179. To determine whether a claim may be covered please contact your insurance provider. The lab can submit the claim on your behalf. If you are concerned that a claim may not be covered you can choose to prepay for your testing and we will provide you with a statement that you may then submit to your insurance provider for coverage determination and if approved, payment directly to you.

Click here to access more info on the GI-MAP stool test. 

Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding the lab test kit.

What are the collection requirements?

Step 1 – Please write the patients name and date of birth on the capped vial.

Step 2 – If possible void urine prior to collecting stool. Collect stool by passing stool onto Collection tray.

Step 3 – Using the spoon attached to the cap of the vial, spoon stool from different areas of the sample into the vial. Fill vial to the red fill line. Just over half full.

Step 4 – Carefully mix stool and fluid with the spoon. Replace cap tightly and shake vial vigorously for 30 seconds.

Step 5 – Place cap vial into ziplock specimen bag along with absorbent pad. Seal the bag. Place the specimen bag with the sample vial into the kit box.

Step 6 – Fill out the Test Requisition Form completely. Be sure to write the date of sample collection in the Patient section of the form. Payment type must be completed with payment included to process sample. Place Test Request Form into the box with the sample and ship to laboratory. See shipping instructions below.**

**If you cannot ship the specimen on the day of collection please refrigerate the sample by placing the box containing the sample into the refrigerator.

How do I ship the sample?
Specimens may be shipped Monday through Friday. The lab receives specimens 5 days a week – but they require that the specimen be received within 6 days after collection.

Before shipping, be sure that the Yellow cap vial and the Test Request Form are labeled and completely filled out including payment. Be sure to place the sample vial sealed in the ziplock bag and that the Test Request Form are in the Kit box.

Locate the FedEx Clinical Pak mailer. Fill in your name and address on the shipping label attached to the outside of mailer. Place the kit box into FedEx Clinical Pak. Remove strip to reveal sticky film and press both sides of mailer together to seal the pouch.

Call FedEx to schedule a pick-up. Dial 1-800-238-5355. When the automated greeting begins say “Rep”. When asked if you are shipping a package say “Yes”. A live person will then answer to help schedule your pickup. Let them know you are shipping using a Billable Stamp.

Am I responsible for the postage?
Patients don’t have to pay for postage, test kits include a pre-paid envelope if mailed in the U.S.

However, international customers must pay for shipping unless prior contract exists.

Can I drop off test kit at local FedEx office?
Yes, please follow the packing and shipping instructions provided with the test kit.
Do I need to stop taking any of my medications before I collect my GI-MAP sample?
No. Please continue taking all medications as directed by your doctor.
I accidentally threw out test kit box. Can I use different box?
Yes, use any clean small box.
I sealed bag but forgot to put the paperwork in kit. Can I reopen?
Yes, just tape to reclose.
Can I ship my specimen on Friday?
Yes, it is ok to ship specimens to the lab on Fridays. The lab receives specimens 6 days a week. They only require that the specimen be received within 6 days after collection.
I spilled some of the liquid from the collection vial. What should I do?
If you only spilled a small amount, you can still use the vial. Be sure to only fill the vial to the RED fill line. If you spilled a large amount or you feel you need a new vial, please contact our office or call Diagnostic Solutions at 877.485.5336 for a replacement vial.
My test kit did not have a Test Requisition Form.

Unless you already received the test requisition in your private portal, you should email or call our office (at info@fortitudefunctionalnutrition.com or 720-580-2078) for a Test Requisition Form.