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Success Stories From Clients

“Before working with Julie, for 5+ years I struggled to lose weight, hyperglycemia, bloating, constipation, monthly headaches and some mood issues. I assumed I had some food sensitivities, but I was not exactly sure of which foods where causing them and I wanted to know.

After filling out Julie’s questionnaires and our Intake appointment, Julie quickly determined which functional labs I should do. After we discovered my imbalances and food sensitivities through these labs, Julie made supplement and food recommendations. I happily took off the weight by eating more (and weighing less) because I eliminated my problem foods (food sensitivities) and balanced out my gut. I love knowing which foods to avoid and no longer having to guess. It makes food shopping and choices so much easier. My bloating and constipation are gone and my headaches are much less frequent!

― Heather McDermott

“Before finding Julie, I was having major stomach issues, my autoimmune disease of psoriasis was out of control, not to mention my sleep was so erratic that I needed help and conventional methods of taking medications seemed to be making things worse. After my first consultation with Julie, we immediately went to work by doing multiple tests that confirmed a gluten sensitivity and leaky gut. From there she designed a detailed supplement and food plan and took me grocery shopping. Within 30 days of following it, I was seeing some huge changes in my overall health as I had an increased amount of energy, weight loss, no more cravings or stomach issues, and sleeping normal again. The psoriasis is getting much better too! I can’t thank Julie enough for her help and would highly recommend her to anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Thank you again Julie!!!”

― Marty Waters

“The results I got from working with Julie are amazing… My autoimmune Hashimoto’s disease antibodies dropped from 1264 to 54 which is close to remission (40), I’m no longer allergic to any foods (before I was allergic to 20+ foods), I have more energy and less pain! I was referred to Julie by my functional medicine doctor, and she did a terrific job. She designed a 30-day meal plan for me with literally nothing to go on (IFM has named my diet the mito-keto flex plan, but provides no back-up for it except one page of acceptable foods). Additionally, I had to eliminate another 20+ foods…. and I don’t like meat. Julie took the time to determine my preferences, increased my protein intake (which was too low) and provided a variety of great recipes. She explained everything thoroughly, provided all the back-up references I could want, and even lent me her personal copies of books that she felt would help me. She’s very accessible and available to answer any questions. I highly recommend her.”

― Karen Suchomel