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What Is A Functional Genomic Analysis?

At the heart of a functional genomic analysis is an epigenetic approach.  Epigenetics is the study of the effect your environment and lifestyle have on your genes.  Your genes remain the same however how they operate or “express” can vary depending on outside factors.  With a functional genomic analysis, we will help you dig into these epigenetic factors and help you understand what you can do to influence your genes in a positive way.

Symptom History

 Gathering a health history is key to collecting valuable clues to why symptoms are manifesting. This is an important step in learning about the way the individual’s genes are expressing.

Lab Results & Pathogen Burden

 The other part of genetic expression is identifying things which can trigger an immune or inflammation response. These triggers send signals to our genes and can lead to an imbalance or overburdened pathway. It is an often overlooked set of clues!

Genetic Variants

 We all have variants, thousands of them! They are our building blocks that our body uses to respond to the environment. It is a bi-directional relationship between our genes and things which influence our genes – from diet, lifestyle, toxins, and pathogens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my results back?

Once the lab receives your kit it takes approximately 6 weeks to get your results.  Sometimes as soon as 4 weeks and sometimes as long as 8 weeks.  We will notify you as soon as results are in.

What is a Functional Genomic Analysis Report?

A functional genomic gene analysis provides your snp (genetic variant) information and how that gene affects your metabolic processes. Here is a short sample of information included in a FGA report. SAMPLE REPORT HERE This report gives you insights to help you and your practitioner identify opportunities to optimize your gene function and help you create a comprehensive plan to support health and vitality. It is important to use the information in the report in connection with your health history, lifestyle, toxic exposures, and exposure to stress. 

What is a PureGenomics Report?

PureGenomics is another scienced backed genomic analysis that is currently only available using 23&me and raw data.  We offer this with the Functional Genomic Analysis package for those who already have genetic data from one of those two companies. See SAMPLE REPORT HERE

I have 23&me or Ancestry raw data, can you use those?

YES! We can use either 23&me or raw data. It is important to note that the version 5 of 23&me has significantly fewer SNPs reported than their previous version so you may be missing some key SNP information.

Is this a saliva or cheek swab test?

We offer both.  The cheek swab option does cost $25 more and is recommended for children or those who have difficulty producing saliva.

Will this tell me which supplements to take?

Yes, and no.   The consult package includes reviewing your genetic SNPs, labs, and symptoms to help you understand how your genes are expressing and which supplements can support rebalancing those pathways that are specific to your situation.

It is important to note that we cannot determine supplements by just looking at a SNP.  This is why we look at labs, symptoms, and history to help you get the bigger picture of how your genes are working.

Can you help me understand my StrateGene report?

YES!  We can help you with understanding your StrateGene report.  We can also add another layer of info to help you see what pathways are expressing through our Functional Genomic Analysis Report using your 23&me or raw data.

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