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Micronutrient Test

Lab Phone Number: 800-227-5227

Purpose of Test

SpectraCell’s Micronutrient test provides the most comprehensive nutritional analysis available by measuring functional deficiencies at the cellular level. It is an assessment of how well the body utilizes 31 vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites, while conveying the body’s need for these micronutrients that enable the body to produce enzymes, hormones, and other substances essential for proper growth, development, and good health. Repletion recommendations are made based on need.

This test is unique because it measures the functional level and capability of micronutrients present within white blood cells (lymphocytes), where metabolism takes place and where micronutrients do their job – thus taking a person’s biochemical individuality into account. Unlike static serum measurements, which only assess the concentration of nutrients present outside of the cell (extracellular) and only provide a glimpse of your health, SpectraCell’s Micronutrient test is a long-term assessment (4-6 months) that addresses the functional impact (performance) of micronutrients – what really matters.

Why is nutrient status important?

Virtually all metabolic and developmental processes that take place in the body require micronutrients, and strong evidence suggests that subtle vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant deficiencies can contribute to degenerative processes such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Evaluating micronutrient status can therefore be the first step in identifying metabolic inadequacies while shedding light on the possible underlying causes of complex chronic conditions.

Vitamin deficiencies are not just a reflection of diet. We are all biochemically unique and nutrient deficiencies vary from client to client, and do not necessarily correlate directly with nutrient intake, as many factors beyond diet determine whether nutrient function is adequate. These include biochemical differences, genetics, absorption, metabolism, and age. Disease conditions and medications can also affect nutrient levels. Every biochemical process in the body depends on specific nutrients to carry out the process. Inflammation, weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, decreased energy, depression, lack of proper blood sugar regulation, inability to burn fat or gain muscle, are just a few conditions that can result from a lack of vital nutrients. If you are feeling unhealthy, a nutrient deficiency may be to blame.

Extensive scientific and clinical studies spanning over 50 years have repeatedly demonstrated that micronutrient deficiencies can adversely affect health. These deficiencies can set the stage for chronic disease and compromised immune health at any stage in life, particularly if they persist.

Direct Lab Price: $390 (Please put your credit card number on the requisition. If the price is not on the requisition – please fill in this price). The price is subject to change if you are re-testing in the future. SpectraCell accepts all major insurance companies so the deposit would be $190 for billing insurance.

Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions and instructions regarding this lab test:

Where do I go for the blood draw sample?

Step 1 – Please take the signed Test Requisition form and the lab kit to any locations which you can find here: https://www.spectracell.com/drawsite 

Step 2 – Fill out the Test Requisition Form completely with your personal information. Payment type must be completed with payment included to process your sample unless you made arrangements to pay through Fortitude Functional Nutrition. 

Step 3 – The blood draw center will ship the test kit with your blood sample and requisition in the FedEx bag provided (within the kit).

My test kit did not have a Test Requisition form?

Unless you already received the test requisition in your private portal, you should email or call our office (at info@fortitudefunctionalnutrition.com or 720-580-2078) for a Test Requisition Form. 

Do I need to stop taking any of my medications before I collect my blood sample?

No. Please continue taking all medications as directed by your doctor. But, be well hydrated before your blood draw. Immunosuppressive drugs such as oral or intranasal corticosteroids (e.g. prednisone, beclomethasone, fluticasone, triamcinolone) and topical cortisone suspensions and creams, in addition to immune modulating drugs, may affect test results for antibody assessment. 

Do I need to fast or stop eating certain foods before I collect my blood sample?

No fasting required. It is suggested that you maintain your usual dietary habits and consume a variety of foods when possible within a couple weeks prior to blood collection, unless advised otherwise by your healthcare practitioner. Avoid eating foods that may have potentially resulted in a previous adverse reaction and/or anaphylaxis, as secondary exposure may prove fatal.