“I highly recommend Julie’s services for anyone looking to be healthier, address the root causes of their chronic issues, and receive great education and support on their health journey. I had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Julie for over a year, seeing her achieve these things in action and get great results with our patients.

Julie is dedicated both to her clients, but also to educating herself. From the time she started her nutrition journey almost a decade ago after her mom’s breast cancer diagnosis, Julie has continually sought out the most rigorous formal education and her knowledge of Functional Medicine and Nutrition is far superior to most any physician or practitioner in the Functional Medicine community. Julie has the ability to see the big picture, while also being able to dig into the details; this allows her to provide highly individualized care helping clients understand their health and improve it.

If you need help understanding why you don’t feel well, and what steps you can take to improve, look no further than Julie to help you on that journey.”

David Gordon, MD, IFMCP, ABOIM

Owner, 4 Pillars Health & Wellness

“In 2000, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and before working with Julie and Dr. Gordon, I was struggling with gut pain, bloating and gas. My mood was low, my hands and hips hurt, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not lose weight.

About a year after working with Julie and Dr. Gordon, I did my colonoscopy and my GI Doctor was very pleased! NO inflammation in my GI tract whatsoever! No sign of active Crohns at all! Whoot Whoot!! Since working with Julie, I’m really happy about losing 20+ pounds without starving myself and learning to eat what my body needs and requires. My energy is super! My hands don’t hurt, hips don’t hurt, definitely see a positive change!

Even my husband commented that I’m happier, in a better mood, less stressed, no more gut pain — people and friends have noticed it too!

Julie Olson has empowered me to be a better, healthy individual! She has really taught me what a healthy lifestyle & mindset looks like and how to advocate for myself with friends, family and outsiders. Without Julie’s support on this lifestyle journey I’m not sure I would be as successful.

And my experience inspired my daughter Ella to become a nutritionist!”

Cynthia Christensen and her daughter Ella

“Since I was trained and worked as a Registered Nurse in in the conventional medical model, I never considered alternative therapy. So, after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I continued to feel worse and didn’t think there was anything to change it. I had brain fog, depression, terrible fatigue, and little hope. Everyone said it was the MS that was making me feel so bad and there was nothing I could do about it. Even my neurologist took for granted that I was tired all the time because of the disease. But, after I did some research, I was fortunate to have discovered functional medicine and nutrition and came to Dr. Gordon and Julie.

Julie helped me put many diet and lifestyle changes in place – I am happy to say my gut is healed. I’m now absorbing nutrients properly and look forward to continued improvement. I lost my stubborn weight. My brain fog disappeared. I tapered down my anti-depressants. I’m not saying my MS is cured, but my body is now ‘putting out the fire’ that led me in a downward spiral. I continue to feel so much better than I did before starting on this functional journey.

The biggest improvements have been my diminished fatigue, increased energy and better mood. I can’t thank Julie and Dr. Gordon enough!”

Karen Weiler

“The results I got from working with Julie are amazing…My autoimmune Hashimoto’s disease antibodies dropped from 1264 to 54, I’m no longer allergic to any foods (before I was allergic to 20+ foods), I have more energy and less pain!

Julie did a terrific job. She designed a 30-day meal plan for me. Julie took the time to determine my preferences and provided a variety of great recipes. She explained everything thoroughly, provided all the back-up references and even lent me copies of books that she felt would help me. She’s very accessible and available to answer any questions. I highly recommend her.”

Karen Suchomel

“Before finding Julie, I was having major stomach issues, my autoimmune disease of psoriasis was out of control, not to mention my sleep was so erratic that I needed help and conventional methods of taking medications seemed to be making things worse. Within 30 days of following Julie’s plan, I was seeing some huge changes in my overall health as I had an increased amount of energy, weight loss, no more cravings or stomach issues, and sleeping normal again. The psoriasis is getting much better too! I can’t thank Julie enough for her help and would highly recommend her to anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Thank you again Julie!!!”

Marty Waters

“Julie began coaching me nutritionally in 2012 at Natural Grocers. She really helped me to understand how my food choices affected my sleeping and hormonal issues. Even though I felt that I had a pretty good knowledge of nutrition, she taught me about functional nutrition and inspired me to continue my health journey.

Since my husband Troy has struggled with eczema and skin rashes his whole life, he started to work with Julie. We had tried all the conventional methods with little to no improvement. Troy was resistant, but with Julie’s coaching his eczema and skin rashes are almost nonexistent now. I highly recommend Julie’s services!”

Sona and Troy Seaton

“My breast cancer was Stage III. I underwent chemo therapy, Taxotere, radiation, Tamoxifen, and Arimidex. I was depressed, unmotivated, physically tired, and foggy in the brain. I did not realize that my food and lifestyle choices played such a big role in my health. Julie’s expertise, guidance and support made a huge difference in my recovery.

Julie re-educated me with her nutritional counseling sessions and classes to successfully implement healthier food, movement, lifestyle choices and to better manage my stress. Now I walk and practice yoga daily. I have not been sick, depressed, fatigued or had a cold in years.

My brain fog is gone and I no longer eat fast foods or rarely drink any alcoholic beverages. I have not had a recurrence of any type of cancer since my breast cancer and I feel strongly that this reversal in my health is because I followed Julie’s advice and recommendations.”

Sandra Sparks

“I had a history of elevated cholesterol and my goals were to avoid medication by using other options and to identify my root causes. Previously, I had a bad reaction to mold exposure, eczema and difficulty losing stubborn weight. Overall, I had a variety of non-specific symptoms when I came to see Julie.

I followed Julie’s recommended food and supplement plan almost 100% and found I was eating more, but happily weighing less – I lost 10 pounds and 2.5” inches around my waist without really trying. My friends were asking me what I was doing differently. Julie helped me to simplify my regimen as well as understand the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of what we were doing. Her accountability, support and guidance kept me on track, especially when I would normally stop with my high work demands, time constraints and challenges with a 1-year old daughter. Now, I realize that if I keep this up, I’ll never have to go on cholesterol medication and my lab numbers prove it.”

Greg Daley

“Before working with Julie, for 5+ years I struggled to lose weight, hyperglycemia, bloating, constipation, monthly headaches and some mood issues. I assumed I had some food sensitivities, but I was not exactly sure of which foods where causing them and I wanted to know.

After filling out Julie’s questionnaires and our Intake appointment, Julie quickly determined which functional labs I should do. After we discovered my imbalances and food sensitivities through these labs, Julie made supplement and food recommendations. I happily took off the weight by eating more (and weighing less) because I eliminated my problem foods (food sensitivities) and balanced out my gut. I love knowing which foods to avoid and no longer having to guess. It makes food shopping and choices so much easier. My bloating and constipation are gone and my headaches are much less frequent!

Heather McDermott

“My toddler son was having some troubles developmentally and I was attempting to help him alleviate these troubles. I hired Julie to do 3 baseline functional labs for him. She ordered the labs, conferenced me in on calls with the lab, wrote up detailed lab analysis, and recommendations, including targeted supplements. In the first week after implementing Julie’s recommendations, we started seeing a positive change in my son’s behaviors and noticed how much more aware of everything going on around him was. We stopped feeding him foods that were causing issues for him which we were unaware of and saw an uprise in his appetite. He went from eating only 2 foods to eating a variety of foods. We are extremely grateful to have worked with Julie.

I choose our display photo to be a ladybug since ladybugs are symbolic to mean good luck – this one has spread its wings and is getting ready to fly high, and I hold it as a reference for my son who I believe is getting ready to fly high and exceed all expectations I have of him.”

Nina Ogunseye

“For years, I had been struggling with eczema, skin rashes, joint pain and inflammation. It was painful and annoying. As an adult, I visited several specialists looking for answers to ease my symptoms, but really didn’t find anything that helped except Advil for pain and Cortisone creams for my skin.

After a few visits with Julie we discovered that I have Candida and an unbalanced gut. Julie immediately put me on a new eating routine along with targeted supplements and incredible changes have taken place! 

Finally, I can throw out the Advil and steroid cream. And, now without all the pain and itching, I am getting better work-outs, a lot more sleep and rest. The stress has been lifted and I never realized how much suffering I had been enduring for so long. I feel so much better! I would highly recommend Julie and her services. She is knowledgeable, professional, diligent and kind. The bottom line is she really cares about her clients and always wants to help and it shows through her results.”

Greg Paul

“Since I was feeling numbness in my legs and tingling in my feet, my doctor sent me to the hospital where I remained for a week. After a battery of tests and steroids they found a small nodule at the base of my neck in my spinal cord. The diagnosis was a precursor to MS. I was eventually seen by two other major hospitals that had the same answer. It was frightening because I still could not walk on my own!

About a month after being in the hospital I met with Julie. She passionately explained to me about functional medicine and nutrition, and helped me find a functional medicine neurologist. Together, we put together a game plan. Julie helped me understand the ‘Why’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ of all this to move forward. 

Now my lab tests are normal! I feel great! My life is back to normal, except some tingling in my fingertips. I can walk and jog without any aid! I am very thankful to have connected with Julie, especially for turning me on to functional medicine and nutrition which has given me the precious gift of hope and a good fighting chance it won’t happen again.”

Diane Marquette

Comments From Clients Attending Julie's Classes

“Julie is very knowledgeable and makes learning fun and interesting”
“Julie really listens and empowers me to make my own decisions – I feel better than I have ever felt”
“Now I understand and I am motivated to make some dietary changes”
“Julie walks her talk”

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