Before & After 

Food Intolerance Success Stories!

Siobhan D.

“You would never know in a million years that my skin was once destroyed by eczema… within three weeks of not eating those foods I could see my skin healing. It was incredible, it’s truly amazing. I can honestly say that my life has changed completely.”

Terry H.

“I’ve lost 26 pounds in 8 weeks which was an easy weight loss compared to before when I struggled to lose weight... I am now free of the pain, bloating and anxiety.

I am much more positive and my wife says I’m much less moody."

Cathy M.

“I was carrying so much fluid that I felt constantly bloated and swollen. I was asked on a regular basis if I was pregnant and ‘when was I due’...I lost 37 pounds. One year later I am pleased to say I am feeling fantastic, I have managed to stay the same size and have not gained any weight. 


“Within just a few days of cutting out the foods I had lost 4 pounds and felt less tired and lethargic... 

Three weeks on from getting the results I lost 7 pounds without really making any massive changes..."

Geoff C.

“I thought I knew what caused the issues I was having, but I needed clarity. I needed to know how to fix this once and for all.” “I was very surprised after I got the results it became clear that certain foods were causing me real gut issues.”

Rob V.

“I feel I have much more consistent energy, not having an energy lull or bloated stomach.”

“My migraines haven’t come back and I have enjoyed a better performance as a professional rugby player as a result of this. "

Siodine P.

I was constantly bloated every time I ate which was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort...

Cutting out foods I was intolerant to had an almost instantaneous effect and within days my stomach was noticeably flatter and my IBS symptoms had greatly reduced. 

Matt P.

“Nearly 5 weeks on and I feel amazing. I have lost over an inch from my waist and lost 17 pounds in weight. My energy levels through the day are higher and I am more  clear-headed.”

“In my first triathlon of the season I knocked 17 minutes off my time from last year…”
*Before and After Food Intolerance Success Stories Provided by Lorisian Laboratories*

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