Natural Weight
Loss Solution

Frustrated By Unwanted Weight And Inches?

Do you feel like you have tried everything and the more you try - the harder it is to lose weight? 
What about the following...
What am I doing wrong that I keep gaining weight?
Why do diets seem to work for others but not for me?
Will I always feel this way when I look in the mirror?

It's NOT about Willpower!

When the body is in balance, it simply does not hold on to excess weight. On the flip side, when the body is out of balance our weight is one of the first things affected.  It's not all about willpower!

To lose weight it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise 

Top 5 Reasons for Weight Challenges

  1. The foods you are eating are triggering an inflammatory & immune response
  2. Your microbiome is out of balance leading to a 'leaky gut' (intestinal permeability)
  3. Your body is in a stress-induced response to store fat instead of using it
  4. Your body has it "too easy", it is not challenged enough to use the stored energy
  5. Your mindset may be working against you, sometimes it is a subconscious shift that is needed

Fad Diets Affect Your Weight Loss Success

Individuals who are struggling with excessive weight often go from diet to diet on to the new exercise fad in a never-ending effort to take control of their weight. This can lead to a major disruption in the microbiome and the healthy bacteria in your gut are left struggling to survive.  The first step to achieve weight loss and overcome obesity is to recognize and acknowledge that excess weight is a symptom of an imbalance – we help you identify what your unique imbalance is so you can get on the path to conquering your weight!

How we can help

Like other health challenges, there are so many protocols, nutritional and supplement plans online that all this information can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Our approach figures out which one is best for you. By incorporating our detailed intake questionnaire, nutrient assessment, personalized protocol, customized food plan and targeted supplement program, we’ll provide you with actionable steps you can take to support and rebalance metabolic and inflammatory systems to help you conquer your weight.


Functional lab testing to dig deeper to understand exactly what is contributing to your weight dysregulation and inability to lose fat.

5-R Program

Determine your imbalances and work together to strengthen your body’s recovery by completing each phase successfully.

Personalized Protocol

Connecting the dots between your symptoms, history and lab results is key to finding the best protocol tailored to your body, needs and goals.

Finding Solutions for Your Weight Issues Can
Mean Vibrant Health for a Lifetime!

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Since working with Julie, No signs of active Crohns at all! Whoot!! I’m really happy about losing 20+ pounds without starving myself and learning to eat what my body needs and requires. I lost 1.5 inch on my thighs, hips and waist - dropped 3 pant sizes. My energy is super! 
Cynthia Christensen
Through working with Julie, I have eliminated Candida from my GI test and have corrected a moderate case of dysbiosis (loosing 30 pounds in the process!). I also have lots less pain associated with inflammation and no more acid-reflux.
David Alexander

"The New Sexy is Self Care"

~ Julie Olson
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