About Fortitude
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Our Core Values

Everything we do at Fortitude Functional Nutrition is centered around you because without your active participation on this journey, none of our wisdom will create you long-term vibrant health. The path to great health is never a straight line and there will be bumps on the road. 

An Integrative Approach

Rooted in our focus on client care, it is our mission to empower you with the knowledge and wisdom from collective experience to create optimal health. We embrace the challenge of going deep and revealing what others may have not been able to figure out. We are intent to continue learning about the evolving changes in nutrition and how it relates to medicine. Guided step-by-step, you will embark on a functional, integrative and holistic approach to your wellness. It includes diet, lifestyle, and mindset modifications.

Dedicated Attention

You will receive dedicated one-on-one attention, support, education, accountability, and guidance. In our program, you will learn how our process and approach differs from conventional and routine forms of care, including nutrition guidelines and meal plans. Your lab recommendations, nutrient assessment, personalized protocol, and customized food plan will be based on your individual needs and situation. They are very unique and case-by-case for each individual client.

Personalized Care

No client is exactly the same. There are many factors that affect your health from lifestyle to environment to diet and mindset. Depending on your situation, we may use functional tests and other assessment tools to dig deeper. Our program is effective because we focus on dealing with the catalyst of your conditions, which may include toxicity in the home or workplace, potential food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies, your digestion, and your attitude, which can all play a role in how healthy you are to date. Then we strategically take you through the 5R process and create your personalized protocol with action steps to conquer your health goals for good.

Meet the Founder

After receiving a phone call that informed me that my mother was diagnosed with Stage-3 breast cancer I moved back to my home state, Colorado. Through my search for her cure, I discovered the power of healthy foods and lifestyle choices as the real medicine for illness. My new discovery led me back to school where I studied holistic and functional nutrition and I was hooked.

At this point, I started to analyze my own fast-paced lifestyle and realized that I was putting blinders on my own health. I worked through my fatigue, never stopping to listen to my body. Later testing revealed extremely high Epstein Barr Virus, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I started to put my health puzzle together. I discovered gluten and other food intolerances, thyroid and gut imbalances. Something had to change...

Client Success Stories

David Alexander

"Through working with Julie, I have eliminated Candida from my GI test and have corrected a moderate case of dysbiosis (loosing 30 pounds in the process!). I also have lots less pain associated with inflammation and no more acid-reflux. Julie's personal care, availability, and her willingness to let me help in the diagnostic process was just what I needed to get through a much-needed major nutrition transformation."

Michael Nuanes

"Julie is an amazing professional and even better person. She has helped me with a variety of physical ailments and issues. Julie is willing to go the extra mile or six at any time. She even summoned a different professional to deal with bone health for me. With this action alone, Julie showed her true colors and put me and my health above her own interests and monetary gain. I have referred my wife, father, and kids to Julie. The results speak for themselves!"

Carolene Quezada

"As a nurse, COV!D-19 survivor & unfortunately a Long Hauler who suffered many months of debilitating side effects from Cov!d, it was Julie & her passionate work that came to my rescue when doctors were clueless on how to proceed to get me strong & healthy again. Julie has had a huge, positive impact on my recovery & my return to work as a nurse."

“The greatest medicine of all is
 teaching people how to not need it.”

~ Hippocrates
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