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At Fortitude Functional Nutrition, we embrace root cause resolutions… digging deep to conquer health problems through nutrition. Start your journey to health now with our unique functional medicine and nutrition program.

Tired of trying to do this alone and not seeing any progress? See how our program options can help…

Get To The Root Cause of Your
Chronic Issues and Smartly Side-Step Further Complications

  • Learn what you need to know about leaky gut so you can stop it from quietly lurking in your body and aggravating or causing autoimmune conditions.

  • Uncovering the best digestion you’ve ever experienced because your body is finally digesting and absorbing the nutrients it needs instead of “leaking them out”.
  • The secret to turning your health around super fast without medications or bouncing from practitioner to practitioner.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Practices?

Fortitude Functional Nutrition was founded with revolutionizing holistic health on all levels, from body health including nutrition, dealing with toxins and environmental factors, and even helping clients with mindset so they can lead their healthiest lives.

Our Unique Approach to Improving Your Health

Fortitude Functional Nutrition finds the missing pieces of your health by looking at all your factors and entire life story. We also focus on each client’s bio-individuality and unique situation that guides their care package.

Our Philosophy on Functional Medicine and Nutrition

The concept of “functional medicine and nutrition” is prioritized at the Fortitude Functional Nutrition. Learn how, and why, this is so important as the “medicine of the future” and gateway to living better.

Meet Julie Olson

An integral part of Fortitude Functional Nutrition’s approach is to serve as your guide and educator, helping each client create optimal health and feel great for the long-term.

Why Fortitude Functional Nutrition?

Too often, people think of “wellness” in temporary terms. They want to take short-term steps, like medication, to improve annoying symptoms but never deal with unhealthy routines and lifestyle choices that created the imbalance in the first place.

After years of seeing this happen, Julie Olson wanted to open a practice that not only helped clients improve their holistic health and overall wellness, but also give them the tools, education and coaching to continue their progress for long-term success.

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In Our Clients Own Words…

“In 2000, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and before working with Julie and Dr. Gordon, I was struggling with gut pain, bloating and gas. My mood was low, my hands and hips hurt, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not lose weight.

About a year after working with Julie and Dr. Gordon, I did my colonoscopy and my GI Doctor was very pleased! NO inflammation in my GI track whatsoever! No sign of active Crohns at all! Whoot Whoot!! Since working with Julie, I’m really happy about losing 20+ pounds without starving myself and learning to eat what my body needs and requires. I lost 1.5 inch on my thighs, hips, and waist – dropped 3 pants sizes. My energy is super! I was telling a coworker that every afternoon for years I needed a pickup, but now I no longer need it! My hands don’t hurt, hips don’t hurt, definitely see a positive change.

Overall, I am feeling very well, I’m amazed at all the positive changes. Feeling better than I have in a long time. I’ve made a lot of progress towards my health, mentally and physically. Even my husband commented that I’m happier, in a better mood, less stressed, no more gut pain and people and friends have noticed it too! What a change in my life!

Julie Olson has empowered me to be a better, healthy individual! I have learned so much about nutrition, mindset and overall health thru Julie. She has really taught me what a healthy lifestyle looks like and how to advocate for myself with friends, family and outsiders. Without her support and guidance in this lifestyle journey I am not sure I would be as successful. I would highly recommend working with Julie! She is the best! And my experience inspired my daughter Ella to become a nutritionist!”

Cynthia Christensen and her daughter Ella

Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision to become a client. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to see whether or not Fortitude Functional Nutrition is right for you.