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Female Hair Loss/Hair Thinning

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Gluten Sensitivity, Intolerance & Celiac 

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Gut Health

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Functional Labs & Nutrigenomics

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Weight Loss

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The Transformation Process

The Conquer It Now Health Programs are created to support your body in naturally repairing itself.  We do not replace medical interventions but, instead help clients become their own health advocates and gain an understanding of warning signs of imbalances, root causes, and ways to help the body conquer the health challenge. Our goal is to remove what is interfering with your health success and add the missing links to restore it and your vitality.

Full Functional Intake Case Analysis & Appointment

This is an in-depth 80-minute initial intake case analysis appointment. It will establish the basis for moving forward with your plan.

Functional Lab Testing

Functional medicine lab tests play a huge role in uncovering hidden malfunctions, assessing patterns of imbalance, and evaluating the underlying mechanisms to help reveal the root cause of your health and hair problems. These tests identify markers commonly overlooked by typical lab tests.

Lab Results Review

A series of sessions to help you better understand each one of your lab results, and where your biggest opportunities are to improve and restore your health and hair.

Follow-up Appointments

These sessions are designed to take you one step at a time based on each of your lab results by laying a solid foundation, building on it, and ensuring the changes you make can be long-standing. Follow-up is crucial for success as the path to great health, and hair is never a straight line.

Conquer Your Health!

After successfully completing this program, you should look and feel your very best. Throughout it, you'll acquire the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to maintain your achieved results and continue making positive progress. Health is a journey, not a destination. This all empowers you to take charge of your own health that’s realistic and sustainable for the long term.

Available Features

Nutrient Assessments

Personalized Protocols

Custom Food Plans

Targeted Supplements

Goal Setting & Coaching

Educational Resources

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