Health Coaches: the Helping Hand in Your Wellness Upgrade

By Holly Parker NB-HWC, FMCHC, MFA

Health Coaching is a term that’s heard often now as this budding field gains popularity with growing evidence about the value coaches deliver to people wanting control over their health. Health practitioners of every ilk are recruiting these behavior change experts to their teams in order to guide patients with the education, individualized support, and accountability that they don’t have time to provide. Many employers are offering health coaching as a benefit in their wellness programs to reduce stress, illness, and absenteeism in the workplace while satisfying insurance quotas. This article reveals why you want to hire a health coach, including:

  • The benefits of working with a health coach
  • What the coaching process is like
  • The top reasons people use a health coach
  • How coaching actually helps people
  • Why more people are in need of coaching than ever before


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