The Forgotten Organ... Scalp-Hair-Follicles

Maybe you are wondering what nutrition has to do with hair thinning and hormones. LOTS, TONS!!

Let’s start with the unknown fact that Scalp-Hair-Follicles are the Forgotten Organ.

There are many reasons why this is important, but I’ll summarize the top 3…


  1. Have a very high and active metabolism
  2. Exhibit very high cellular turnover - 3rd in the body!
  3. Demand an enormous amount of energy

All of which require adequate nutrient consumption and ABSORPTION. And when this is not happening, our hormones also get out of balance.

You may have heard “You Are What You Eat” but it should be “You Are What You Absorb”

To break it down further, for hair health and hormonal balance, it’s crucial to absorb BOTH macro and micro-nutrients:

Macro-nutrients = protein, carbohydrates, and fat

Micro-nutrients = vitamins, and minerals

So slow down, thoroughly chew, and enjoy your food which gives it the best chance to digest and absorb!

Fortunately, to keep us ALIVE, absorbed nutrients first go to vital organs such as our heart, brain, and lungs. Unfortunately, if there’s not enough, hair health suffers and most likely results in hair thinning.

There can be other reasons for not absorbing nutrients as was the case with me. Many of my clients eat well and don’t realize this is occurring until after we dig deeper with functional labs and find out WHY they aren’t absorbing nutrients which ALSO negatively affects hormones. However, this deserves another discussion.

BOTTOM LINE: Since this forgotten organ, of scalp-hair-follicles, have a very active metabolism and a high cellular turnover that demand enormous amounts of energy in the form of nutrients, keep it happy and healthy by enjoying nutrient-dense foods on a regular basis and/or do specific functional labs to figure out why you are not absorbing nutrients so your hair is growing instead of thinning.

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