About DUTCH testing

This advanced hormone testing was developed to improve on available hormone testing options. DUTCH offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones along with their metabolites. Additionally, the daily (diurnal) pattern of free cortisol is included, along with melatonin
(6-OHMS), 8-OHdG, and six organic acids. This unique combination of clinical information is not
available by any other method.

DUTCH vs. Saliva Testing

While the free cortisol pattern in saliva has value and is considered the gold standard, there is a significant missing piece to surveying the HPA-Axis function with saliva testing – cortisol metabolites are not measured. To properly characterize cortisol status, free and metabolized cortisol should be measured to avoid misleading results when cortisol clearance is abnormally high or low. Likewise with sex hormones, measuring estrogen and androgen metabolites gives a bigger picture for more precise analysis of hormonal imbalances and HRT monitoring.

DUTCH vs. Serum Testing

DUTCH vs. Serum Testing – While the most universally accepted testing method, serum testing is lacking in some areas. Adrenal hormones cannot be effectively tested in serum because free cortisol cannot be
tested throughout the day. There is also a lack of extensive metabolite testing (especially for cortisol and estrogens). 


Collection Instructions
NOTE: Please review all instructions and collection kit components before starting your sample collection. DO NOT discontinue taking prescription medications unless directed by your physician.

DO NOT TAKE oral DHEA 48 hours before, or any oral estrogen* or pregnenolone 72 hours before your first collection.
*Do not skip doses of birth contol for this test unless instructed by your practitioner. Any other hormones taken at NIGHT (including oral progesterone) should be taken after the bedtime sample. Generally, hormone creams or gels can be taken as usual during the test. All hormones taken in the MORNING should not be taken until after sample #4.
If you take glucocorticoids (Prednisone, Dexamethasone, etc.) check with your practitioner. For patches, pellets and injections, collect midway between doses. If you take sublingual hormones (absorbed in the mouth or under the tongue) or if you take oral hydrocortisone 

(cortisol), visit dutchtest.com for specific video instructions. 

Restrictions When Collecting DUTCH Complete™ or DUTCH OATs
Foods: Avoid avocado, bananas and fava beans for 48 hours before collecting as they may
elevate the HVA organic acid result; if you do consume, please make a note on your requisition
Supplements: Some supplements may impact the HVA organic acid result. If you take any of the
following, please consult your provider: Tyrosine, L-Dopa, D,L-Phenylalanine (DLPA), Mucuna and

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding DUTCH Testing

Here is a list of answers to the most common questions here.

What if I miss a collection?

Simply collect the sample as instructed the following day. All

samples do not need to be collected in one 24-hour period. 

Do I have to pay for postage?
Yes - you will need to take to post office for postage as it takes more than a regular first-class stamp to mail.
What if my sleep schedule is abnormal (night workers, etc.)?
Collect the bedtime sample (#2) before your longest stretch of sleep, the waking sample (#3) after this sleeping period, and sample #4 two hours later. The dinnertime sample (#1) should be collected 4-7 hours before bed.
Do I have to take the samples in the order listed?
No, they can be collected in a different order. If you wish you may start with sample #3, followed by #4, #1 & #2. If you begin with #3, collect the extra sample if you wake and urinate in the night.
Do I need to stop taking my hormones for this test?
This test is built to test patients “on” their hormones. Our suggestion is to follow the Hormone Schedule (listed previously), and any specific instructions given by your provider.
Can I ship my sample on Friday?
Yes, you can ship any day of the week. Just be sure the samples have had sufficient time to dry prior to packaging for shipping.
My test kit did not have a requisition form, what do I do?
Unless you already received the test requisition in your private portal, you should email or call our office (at info@fortitudefunctionalnutrition.com or 720-580-2078) for a Test Requisition Form.
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