Female Hair Loss

Hair thinning is a sign of a deeper problem that needs to be uncovered and addressed ASAP

Natural Hair Loss Solutions for Women in Littleton

We offer natural hair loss solutions that address the root causes and provide women in Littleton, CO, with personally created hair-rebuilding and health revitalization programs that are realistic and sustainable for long-term results.

Julie Olson is a CN, BCHN, CGP 

triple board-certified evidence-based nutrition expert dedicated to transforming hair and health for women. She skillfully investigates strategies to discover root cause resolutions and provides actionable steps to conquer hair loss challenges by rebalancing and supporting metabolic, immune, and inflammatory systems.
We use a holistic and natural approach to determine what is personally best for you! These are the steps that we take:




You don’t have to settle for painful and pricey procedures, expensive hair products, or long-term medications. Place a call today to begin reversing thinning hair naturally!

Why is the Type and Root Cause of Hair Loss Important?

It is critical for women in Littleton to identify the type and possible root causes of hair loss as soon as possible because it is easier to stop losing hair than regrow it, less chance of follicle scar tissue, to uncover metabolic imbalances, and nutrient depletions.

We incorporate a newer type of functional lab testing with origins in functional medicine to understand what is contributing to your body’s dysregulation linked to the loss of hair.

These are the top causes of hair loss for women in Littleton, CO:

Hormone Issues

Adrenals; Estrogen/Sex hormones; Thyroid


Autoimmunity; Chronic infections; Toxicity


Gut health;
Nutrient deficiencies


Environment; Poor health;
Sleep habits
The answer to growing naturally full and thick hair may be simply giving your body added nutritional support, developing proper digestion, or absorbing nutrients.

Book a call to consult with us about functional lab testing to analyze your causes of hair loss and the corrective action needed to restore your hair growth process. 

A Customized Hair Loss Solution Program for
Long-Lasting Results

We determine what is personally best for women in Littleton and provide a customized hair loss solution program by:

Conducting functional lab testing

Determining your imbalances

Strengthening your body to grow hair

Finding the best protocol tailored to your body

The Microbiome and Hair Loss

We may examine gut flora to determine if your gut health is deficient. Reversing damage to gut composition is key to minimizing systemic inflammation, optimizing hormones, and improving hair loss.

I Get It, I've Been In Your Shoes!

Having lived my life in fear of losing more hair, I want you to know there is hope because I naturally reversed the loss of my hair and revitalized my health. My goal is to show women in the Littleton area how to do the same with our personalized hair loss program! Book a Call or Call to find natural solutions that bring about vibrant hair for a lifetime! 720-580-2078
YES! Get Back My Hair!

Client Successes!

Before working with Julie, I tried for years to stop my hair from falling out, along with my bloating, and fatigue. Fortunately, Julie was able to successfully find my root causes. Now my hair is back and so is my vibrant health! 
Sarah M.
The results I got from working with Julie are AMAZING! I no longer dread taking a shower (because there's no massive amounts of hair in the drain) and I now look forward to girls night out on the town! 

 Jessica L.

Fortitude Functional Nutrition takes Hair Loss very seriously. Different hair problems have different root causes and different steps to conquer them.

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