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KWGN-TV2 Denver's Early News Show

"How to Fool Your Family into Eating More Veggies"

In honor of Aprils Fool's Day, Nutritionist Julie Olson shares 3 EASY recipe tricks that secretly add vegetables without kids knowing it during a live cooking demonstration. 

KDVR-TV FOX31 Denver's 5pm and 7pm News

"Trying to go Organic, but Still Confused - Try a Food Consultant"

KWGN-TV2 Colorado's Best TV Show

"Health Trends & Benefits of Shopping at NG"

Business Talk Radio

Julie Olson is interviewed about Functional Nutrition


Fortify Your Health

Wellness Gap Summit

Are you suffering from chronic pain and can't get better. Would you like to learn optimal ways in treating pain and discomfort?

Watch and learn from top experts in functional, holistic and conventional medicine.

Wholistic Health Boss IG Podcast: Reversing Female Hair Loss, Determine your type of hair loss ASAP and tips to reverse it

Experts Chelsie Ward, Jenn Malecha, Luna Hart, and Julie Olson discuss female hair loss in-depth and how to stop it naturally:
● Causes and risk factors associated with thinning hair
● Why you need to determine your type of hair loss ASAP
● Tips to reverse hair loss from the inside out

PTSD and Autoimmunity Hair Loss

Did you know PTSD & trauma may lead to hair loss?
✔️ Causes and risk factors associated with thinning hair
✔️ Why address hair loss ASAP
✔️ Those suffering from hair loss are not alone in their struggle 
✔️ Personalized treatment options, hope, and support are available

Healing Unleashed Podcast with Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus: Functional Medicine & Nutrition 

What a functional approach is and how it helps with healing and restoration

Stopping Hormonal Hair Loss: A Novel Approach

In this episode Dr. Eric Osansky discusses with Julie Olson about how to stop hair loss, with an emphasis on hormonal hair loss.

A Case Against Sugar: Interview with Functional Nutritionist, Julie Olson

To help you bust those sugar cravings, in this podcast and article you’ll find tips and tricks including:
✔️ 15 Ways to Conquer Sugar Cravings!
✔️ What Happens to our Body When We Overindulge in Sugar?
✔️ Best Alternatives for Sugar!

Read the full episode transcript here.

The Thyroid Fixer Podcast with Dr. Amie Hornaman: Hair Loss and Hypo

Did you know that your gut plays a HUGE role in Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and hair loss? Have you heard of “leaky hair follicles”? It’s real and it’s hard to deal with as a woman! Julie is known for restoring women’s hair and health by getting their bodies back into balance and resolving what’s wrong so they look and feel their very best.

It’s Julie’s personal experience with overcoming her own health struggles of hair loss, autoimmunity, fatigue, and gut imbalances, coupled with her formal training in holistic nutrition and functional medicine, that empowers her to guide women all over the world to get back their hair.

Pantea Kalhor Transition Channel Podcast: Hair Loss Treatment for Women Natural Remedies  

Learn why we need to take a closer look at the gut and investigate the root causes that have led to dysbiosis, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and INEVITABLY hair loss:
● From the gut to the hair follicle: why gut health matters
● Food Allergen Triggers/Mediators
● Importance of the 5R -Phased Approach Protocol
● Hair Hacks + top nutrients to reverse hair loss from the inside out

Hair Loss and Healthy Hair with Functional Nutritionist, Julie Olson

What woman hasn't experienced hair loss and dreams to have a full head of beautiful hair? So many of us lose hair after giving birth and during periods of our life during great stress.

In this podcast episode, we talk a lot about how gut health is directly related to the health of our hair. Julie gives us so many amazing tips not only to regrow hair but to nourish our bodies so that we can grow and keep our hair longer!

Julie shares interesting new research, how she takes clients through the process of figuring out the cause of hair loss, and the main foundations she covers to help them heal and regrow hair. She also covers specific nutrients that are vital to growing a beautiful head of hair.

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