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Julie has been heard on dozens of podcasts & radio shows including...
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Hair Loss and Hypothyroidism
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Peer-Reviewed Published Abstract

Natural Hair Loss Solution: A Healthy Microbiome

Studies confirm a healthy microbiome is vital for healthy hair, even for cases of alopecia. Hair is built from nutrients the body can efficiently digest and absorb and autoimmune hair loss can be a result of unresolved, chronic inflammation. Autoimmune diseases including alopecia have a common link to gut health. An imbalanced gut microbiome starts the process of permeability leading to leaky gut, a compromised gut barrier that facilitates inflammation.
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Julie is an inspiring and energetic speaker. Her classes and lectures are specifically customized to suit your audience's needs and choice of nutrition topics. 


Julie is available for brand representation. With Julie’s training in functional nutrition as well as journalism, she will properly investigate, communicate and represent your brand to the highest of standards.


Julie is available for corporate wellness workshops, programs, challenges, and retreats. Research shows that company productivity and profits are increased and health costs are decreased, by providing employees with health education, support, and resources. 

“Knowledge itself is power.”

~ Sir Francis Bacon, scientist and philospher
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