“For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect.”
~ Carl Pfeiffer MD, PhD
Fullscript is the safest and most convenient way to purchase professional-grade products delivered right to your door. 
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How are supplements (nutraceuticals) selected?

The right supplement for the right reason can be highly effective. Julie Olson has extensive training and experience in supplements and will carefully select the most optimal supplementation based on your current health, lifestyle and age-related needs.

These are Fortitude Functional Nutrition’s guidelines when discerning the quality of supplements:

  1. Is the manufacturing GMP-Certified (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  2. Are products certified according to industry standards according to one or more of the following:
  • 1. NPA (National Products Association)
  • 2. NNFA (Nutritional Foods Association)
  • 3. NSF (National Sanitary Foundation)
  • 4. FDA Dietary Supplement GMP
  1. Does the company perform safety reviews and safety studies?
  2. Do double-blind, placebo-controlled trials on humans exist?
  3. Is there human efficacy data?
  4. Are the protein powders FDA-approved medical foods or functional foods?
  5. Do credentialed nutritionists or functional medicine practitioners sell the product?
  6. Are there procedures to monitor the quality of both raw materials and finished products?

How are your supplements different?

There is a pretty big difference. The supplement industry is unregulated so anyone can package anything and sell it with a claim, meanwhile it may not have the stated ingredients in the package at all. Practitioners use manufacturers that provide us with lab assays that verify the potency, purity, and efficacy of the product. This is valued in our industry since practitioners are in the business of helping their patients bring their health back in to balance or assisting in the healing process, not selling supplements.

Can I save on supplements if I order through Fortitude Functional Nutrition?

Yes, you will save up to 15% on all supplements when you sign-up for follow-up appointments or a package. Plus, we use a professional online dispensary, which delivers the supplements directly to your doorstep usually without shipping charges.

Why not purchase supplements through Amazon or another online seller?

One of the benefits of purchasing your supplements through Fullscript, rather than Amazon or online companies like them, is that their products are fully certified and guaranteed - they are sourced directly from the manufacturer.

Products sold through Amazon/other online retailers come from third parties - this leaves them vulnerable to uncontrolled storage methods, and of being counterfeit products. There have been many known issues with counterfeit natural health products being sold over these kinds of online stores.

Many brands (on Fullscript), do not allow the reselling of their products on Amazon. What you may find on Amazon could be old stock, or counterfeit. Additionally, with Fullscript’s direct relationships with the manufacturers, they are on top of any product recalls, as well as guaranteeing the quality of the product by having quality assurance procedures - and, additional procedures in case you experience an adverse event while taking your supplement.

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