Female Hair Loss

Hair thinning is a sign of a deeper problem that needs to be uncovered and addressed ASAP

Natural Solutions

No lifelong medications with undesirable side effects, including if stopped, ALL hair can fall out! No painful or pricey procedures. No expensive serums, shampoos, or other hair products that don't have legitimate case studies or address root causes!

Root Causes

You will start with a thorough questionnaire which creates your individualized timeline and health matrix. Then we dig deeper with functional labs to find root causes and figure out what’s triggering and contributing to your hair loss linked to your body’s dysregulation.

Custom Created

By determining the root causes that led to your type of hair loss, and connecting the dots between your imbalances, history, and labs, you will get a personally created hair-rebuilding program that is realistic and sustainable for long-lasting results!

Areas Served

We help women across Colorado and beyond with personalizing protocols to help them restore healthy hair


Natural Hair Loss Solution
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Littleton, CO

Natural Hair Loss Solution
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Fortitude Functional Nutrition takes Hair Loss very seriously. Different hair problems have different root causes and different steps to conquer them.

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