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Food Intolerance Success Stories

Increasingly frustrated by her severe eczema and the endless rounds of prescriptions for ineffective creams and tablets, Siobhan was at a loss until she decided to try a food intolerance test.

“I got the results back quickly with a list of foods I had to give up… within three weeks of not eating those foods I could see my skin healing. It was incredible!”

After suffering the debilitating condition for over a decade, Siobhan is delighted to be feeling the benefits of her new optimized diet and restored confidence, having eliminated her trigger foods.

“You would never know in a million years that my skin was once destroyed by eczema…it’s truly amazing. I can honestly say that my life has changed completely.”

― Siobhan Doyle

Cathy’s condition was so severe that she frequently had to visit the hospital. The tests she underwent could not reveal the root cause of the problem and the medication she was prescribed only made her feel worse. Not only were her symptoms uncomfortable and at times painful, they also caused her great embarrassment.

“I was carrying so much fluid that I felt constantly bloated and swollen. I was asked on a regular basis if I was pregnant and ‘when was I due’. It was terribly upsetting and humiliating and to add to the problem my weight started going up even though I had never had a problem with my weight in the past.”

Cathy decided to try a different route to discover the cause of her problems by taking a food intolerance test. Armed with the knowledge of her food intolerances, Cathy has continued to see long term improvements to her health since she took the test.

“With my new increased energy levels, I am able to go to the gym more and in 7 months I lost 37 pounds. My depression has totally lifted and my whole attitude to food and life has changed. I am delighted to see my body changing and my new shape.”

“One year later I am pleased to say I am feeling fantastic, I have managed to stay the same size and have not gained any weight. I feel energetic and my confidence is continuing to grow every day!”

― Cathy McGuire

Siodine suffered for years with typical IBS symptoms, as well as the inability to lose weight.

“I was constantly bloated every time I ate which was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort, not to mention that I felt embarrassed. Months of healthy eating and exercise were proving to have little effect, especially on my stomach area which remained stubbornly bloated.”

On the recommendation of a colleague, Siodine decided to take a food intolerance test.

“When the results came back, they revealed that I had intolerances to a number of the ‘healthy’ foods I’d been munching for the past few months – including carrots! Cutting these from my diet had an almost instantaneous effect and within days my stomach was noticeably flatter and my IBS symptoms had greatly reduced. In the months that followed I was able to shed those stubborn excess pounds I’d been trying so hard to get rid of for a long time.”

― Siodine Price

Before undertaking the food intolerance test, Geoff had been suffering from ongoing digestive issues which regularly forced him to cancel social arrangements due to his pain and discomfort.

“I thought I knew what caused the issues I was having, but I needed clarity. I needed to know how to fix this once and for all.”

When he received his test results, Geoff was surprised to discover a number of reactions he wasn’t expecting. Taking a closer look at his diet, Geoff realized that his trigger foods – yeast, eggs, cows’ milk and beef – were all things he ate on a regular basis.

“I was very surprised as I am into weight training and I eat a lot of eggs and beef. But after I got the results it became clear that every time I ate either of them it was causing me real gut issues.”

Willingly, Geoff replaces his trigger foods with nutritious alternatives.

― Geoff Chapman

After removing his trigger foods and making changes to his diet, Terry began to notice improvements in his bloating, pain and anxiety, with the added bonus of weight loss.

“I’ve lost 26 pounds in 8 weeks which was an easy weight loss compared to before when I struggled to lose weight.”

“I am now free of the pain, bloating and anxiety that imprisoned me for 2 years. I am much more positive and my wife says I’m much less moody … though I hate to admit it … I have so much more clarity thought wise and I’m in such a good place in my head. I only wish I’d done this test 2 years ago.”

― Terry Hart

Leading a healthy, active lifestyle as a rugby player, Rob didn’t question the foods he was eating when he experienced frequent migraines and digestive problems. After taking a food intolerance test Rob has optimized his diet and has experienced a positive change to his health and performance.

“I feel I have much more consistent energy, not having an energy lull or bloated stomach.”

“My migraines haven’t come back and I have enjoyed a better performance as a result of this. Alternatives were easy and readily available to source and I now enjoy chatting to others about how simple the whole process was and how I enjoy different sources of protein and calcium.”

― Rob Vickerman


Despite an incredibly active job as a fitness professional coupled with a healthy diet, Alice found it difficult to reach her optimum weight.

“I am a personal trainer but have always struggled with losing weight and would find it hard to even lose 1 pound a week while training every day and eating what I would previously have considered to be a good, healthy diet.”

After talking with a colleague, Alice decided to try a food intolerance test to discover whether something in her diet might be preventing her from achieving her goals.

“Within just a few days of cutting out the foods I had lost 4 pounds and felt less tired and lethargic.”

“Three weeks on from getting the results I lost 7 pounds without really making any massive changes to my diet or training other than
cutting out yeast, wheat, eggs, dairy and spinach.”

Armed with the knowledge of the foods she needed to avoid and feeling empowered to make healthy changes to her diet, Alice continued to see a transformation in her weight and physique.

― Alice

“When I first got my test results, I was at first shocked that my staple food groups were the things I was intolerant to.”

After committing to the dietary changes and replacing the foods identified in his food intolerance test, Matt started to sleep better and feel the benefits right away.

“Nearly 5 weeks on and I feel amazing. I have lost over an inch from my waist and lost 17 pounds in weight. My energy levels through the day are higher and I am more focused and clear-headed.”

As well as seeing positive changes to his body composition, Matt also realized improvement in his athletic performance after adhering to his new diet.

“In my first triathlon of the season I knocked 17 minutes off my time from last year…A simple test and re-education on your eating habits can turn your life around.”

― Matt Perry

*Before and After Food Intolerance Success Stories Provided by Lorisian Laboratories*

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